The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched… but are felt by the heart. – Helen Keller

Do what feels good until it doesn’t feel good anymore.. THEN, try it in a different way.

With so many negative things that happen in day to day life it becomes almost second nature to focus on them and become so fixated on the negativity that it over takes your life and pulls you down with it. Coming to the realization that we as humans are creatures of habit and will only change because of “fight or flight” or forced / fright.

Too often people shy away from challenges that arise for fear of judgement or failure.


Give it  a shot. Make an educated and CONSCIOUS decision to play an ACTIVE role in creating the story of your life that you want to tell to your children and tell to their children.

This is my first of many entries of a blog that I hope will take my life and self to a higher place. I am a seeker. A seeker of things that hide in the shadows and dance between the  rain drops. I do things a little bit differently and will forever be a free spirit wandering, NOT LOST but SEEKING.


What will you find today?


The best and mo…