31 Days of Autumn Awesome: Creating Purpose

In the hopes of creating a household that is both nurturing and purposeful. I quickly realized I wasn’t exactly sure what sort of “purpose” I wanted my house to convey.

http://www.thenester.com introduced me to 31 days of… and well to be honest. I missed a day and my days are always off due to my schedule. Being a “hospital vampire” I can easily lose track of my days and often find myself making “not so smart” choices with my time. I’m easily distracted and sometimes lack focus. Not to say I never get anything done and don’t make progress but let’s just say I have my fair share of half started craft projects that could easily be finished if I dedicated and used my time wisely. But SOME days I’m playing so much catch up that I basically don’t feel like doing or finishing anything.


So the ultimate conclusion I came to is that I need to make lists of the things that need to be finished. 1 list of things to have finished within the week, 1 list of things that should be finished within the month and a list of things that need to be finished within 3 months.


The ultimate goal of how I’d like my house to function and serve a purpose would be to create a space that encourages growth and learning.  In order for something to grow in a healthy manner it needs space and organization. Like a plat it needs regular water, sunlight and properly nourishing soil/food.  I need to take my house on room by room and go through it floor to ceiling to clear out junk and clutter and rid the rooms of things that have a number of items that don’t serve a purpose to that ROOM. i.e having a kitchen item in the bedroom. Now, not to say it can’t belong in the bedroom… ( we all know I’m a bit kinky and things can get wild in there! )

So as best I can say is that I need to approach this room by room. piece by piece to get things in order both in my mind and physically.




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