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31 Days of Autumn Awesome


I’ve never attempted anything like this before and honestly haven’t had much consistency with the current blog I randomly do stuff with. I stumbled upon www.thenester.com through most liekly www.pintrest.com I’m doing this to help gain focus in my life, To improve my over all satisfaction with my life choices. These next 31 days will hopefully bring me some peace, inspire me to continue to express myself and share things most important to me. Some of my posts may not be safe for work or public few. I will give for warning and of course maintain high levels of respect for my readers but I will not censor my life experiences. I choose to view life as a learning journey. If you stop learning new things your life begins to lose its SPARKLE. and well I LOOOOOVE SHINEY things! I’m sure as you follow along formats will change, look and the way I post but well…. as I said I’ve not done anything like this before ( except write in a physical journal) so bare with me and hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride, learn something new and maybe even meet someone new by interacting with the comments that may arise based on the daily topic. I welcome constructive commentary and humorous interjection. But lets keep it civil people.


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