The Adventures of Devil Zebra Duck! New York City Quacked him up!

His story begins in New Jersey… Where Devils and Zebra print THRIVE! 🙂 

A train ride to the BIG CITY!


A cozy pocket to stay warm during the journey through the busy streets of NYC!

Sneaky little Devil Duck. Didn’t pay his train fare!






Underground rail road???? NAH just a subway!




Day in the city with the girls. Devil Duck is a STUD! He gets allll the GIRLS!


Maybe a casting call is in order for Devil Duck?


NOPE! He’ll just have a Burbon Mint Iced Tea!


No Sex in the City for Devil Duck… but He did eat where they have eaten!


Spent a LOT of time at 50th!

REBEL! Get off that yellow line Devil Duck!

Central Park Flowers!

A JOY-ous monet in Strawberry Fields!

IMAGINE CIRCLE in Central Park!


Watching the Skate Show in Central Park



Catherine reflecting on the days events! Taking in the sites!


DEVIL DUCK nearly LOST his mind!!!! THAT IS DEBRA MESSING with her doggie and son! Her husband was there too.  TOTALLY STAR STRUCK HE WAS!

( ok i’m lying… I NEARLY LOST MY SHIT when she brushed my shoulder walking past me! )


SUBWAY to the next stop…. Ground Zero!

A memorial to those lost in a tragic moment in history. ( i feel like monies could of been spent better but that is another post in and of it self!




ALWAYS ROCKIN OUT the PAPARAZZI BUSINESS! Cards were left all around NYC!!!




Smuggled back on the TRAIN HOME. After a LONG DAY of wandering through the city!






And so his journey ends…. Back in the parking garage ready to head back home to Delaware. Devil Duck has many adventures ahead of him and he will continue to travel through space and time finding things that excite him and people to inspire!


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